My practice as a visual artist is steered by my interest in political ecology and the ecological politics that line our lives in 2020. Through extended and open investigations of marginal spaces I attempt to understand the root of their invisibility, and how it affects our perceptions. An avid paddleboarder, my artistic inquiries are inspired and made possible by my passion, which allows me to access locations inaccessible from aground. Assuming the form of films and video experiments, they enter these sites of ambiguity and wonder, so immediate yet so unfamiliar to us. 


Underpinned by posthumanist philosophy, my inquiries interrogate the gap between 'the natural’ and 'the human’. They contemplate the implications this divided worldview has on how we see and interact with different environments. Guided by a semi-fictional narrative, my works explore the entangled realities of invisible, forgotten spaces, meditating on the possibility of developing a new kind of sensitivity to the non-human world around us.


My most recent projects zoom in on the waterfront locations designated for redevelopment. Entering the sites rarely seen but frequently cited in documents and public discussions, I offer them a chance to tell their stories. Seeing how property development is initiated through planning applications and promoted through marketing and media, I ‘collide’ their supposedly objective narratives with the actual footage from locations they describe, interested in the tension between the realities and the unsettling experience this ‘collision’ produces. 

My artistic process integrates planning and intuitive approach, often determined by the locations I work in. My video footage is shot entirely on my iPhone camera. For all its limitations, I feel this brings me closer and, in a way, is more ‘honest’ to the spaces I enter. Sound is crucial for my work, interlacing visual and text in a narrative and carrying the sensory imprint of locations. Encountered as both films and as immersive video/sound installations, my works invite the audience to experience the beauty and ambiguity of forgotten spaces and contemplate the dimensions of their existence.

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